Monday, January 3, 2011

Did pretty well today.

steel-cut oats w/sugar and skim powdered milk
no morning snack
bowl of taco soup for lunch
cottage cheese as afternoon snack (a little late--HUNGRY!)
bowl of beef stew, 2 plates salad for dinner
8 cups micro popcorn (160 cal) evening snack

this is where it gets challenging for me. the candy cane oreos are calling to me

I need to go to bed earlier.

I need to eat mindfully--not reading, or standing or watching TV. I need to recognize that my body is being fed.

I felt quite full after the oatmeal this morning. I felt pretty good until lunch-no need to eat.

After lunch I felt the cravings come. But tonight the cravings are intense. I am so used to getting something to snack on and going to my bed to read. I need to add that to my list of goals:

  • no eating in bed while reading AT ALL!! chew gum if I need to
  • get to bed earlier--I won't have as many cravings late at night!
Overall, I feel good about today but aware that my will power isn't so great. I almost gave in to the cookies SO MANY TIMES today!

I know that feeling good is so much better than the momentary pleasure on the tongue. I just have to create a mantra that I can repeat over and over so I can get through it.

Also, we don't have the treadmill set up yet. I am hoping we can do that soon--I really need to start moving! And going outside is NOT an option right now. Way too much snow and WAY TOO COLD!!!!!

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