Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another add to the list

I learned something else by trial and error (heavy on the error--no pun intended):
  • don't eat off your kids plates. even if they are wasting perfectly good food. it is their food, not yours. I'm worth my own plate with my own food, not the cast-offs of a temperamental child.
I sometimes go to my kids' school for lunch with them. I am usually in a rush to get child #3 to school, so I don't eat. There is my mistake. It is a little early for lunch, but I am usually ready to eat when I am there. But I don't want that to be my lunch meal, soooooo I need to keep my grubby paws of their chow. 'Nuf said. We won't even go into my hoarding/ultra-thrifty personality traits that make it challenging for me to throw away perfectly good food. I'll go lie on the couch and we'll have a therapy session one of these days. :)

The morale of the story is: don't let myself get dangerously hungry because then I make less-than-effective food choices (can we say icky dried-out school-lunch churros, anyone?).

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